Dominic Sepenu

Actually, This is What
Growth Marketing Is
All About

If you are part of a tech start-up team, working on growth specifically, count yourself fortunate to have found this article. My reason for saying this is not because I am the messiah for growth, no, not at all. In fact when I got on the journey to build a career in growth marketing, there were top names like Sean Ellis, Neil Patel and Brian Balfour who are well known for building powerful growth engines for world-class tech companies.

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Dominic Sepenu

These five Things Show
That Your Start-up Is
Growth Hacking, Effectively

According to the Better Africa Report; 5 out of every 10 start-ups failed in Africa over the past 10 years and apart from some launching the wrong products; most of the stories on why start-ups fail are around growth. Of course, if your start-up is not growing, it will fail.

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